5 Jamaican Reggae Stars to Perform in Zimbabwe

As a flood of Jamaican artists continue to trek to Zimbabwe, five reggae stars namely Etana, Turbalance, David Dekata, Mr Melody, Bushman and Devin Di Dakta will be in the country headlining the first annual Harare Sumsplash on 11 November.

This will be the biggest number of Jamaicans to perform at one stage in the country.

They will be staging at what is billed to be biggest gig of the year, along Ghanaian reggae artist Epixode and a host of locals including Guspy Warrior, Dadza D and Shinsoman at Glamis Arena.

In a press statement, organisers of the event, Redfox International said, “The festival presents an opportunity for local Zimbabwean artists to showcase their talents and interact with their international counterparts.

“It is a good marketing platform for Zimbabwean artists as their performances will be recorded and broadcast on various television channels across the globe. For Zimbabwe, this event presents the biggest step of cultural exchange as Jamaica values its relationship to Africa.”

Reggae Sumsplash is a reggae music festival first staged in 1978 in the northern part of Jamaica. In 1985 it expanded with the addition of an international touring festival. The festival ran annually until 1996, with a final event in 1998, before it was revived in 2006.

The Harare edition is brain child of Red Fox Family International, an entertainment house that is credited with various promotions and have hosted 23 international artists, the largest number of international artists in the history of Zimbabwean entertainment.

For this event they partnered with SMEs International Expo, a renowned organization that hosts an annual exhibition geared to afford SMEs and Corporates a platform to showcase their products and services.

Source : Spiked

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