Bev Blasts Exotic Dancers

Popular raunchy dancer, Beverly  Sibanda has called on relevant authorities to arrest new exotic dancers whom she is accusing of violating the law.

The dance queen argued that their dance license issued by the Censorship Board under the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act prohibits dancers from exposing their private parts and getting naked on stage and it further states that going against that law will attract a fine or a possible jail term.

“These so called dancers are abusing their dance licenses and the art of exotic dancing.  I have been arrested a thousand times for my dancing but i don’t even understand why these are not. They should be arrested with immediate effect and their licenses should be revoked.” said Bev.

A string of these would-be strippers have haunted Harare’s night scenes and in a bid to attract more revelers to their shows they have resorted to dancing in their birth suits, they even go to the extent of inserting bananas, cigarettes, candles and lollipops into their private parts.

Bev said these artists are not a threat to her career as she has set limits to her skills and style of dancing and she has become a brand which has gained popularity on international stage referring to her recent UK tour.

“Iwas once into this type of dancing but i have grown out of it, these are wayward babies who have no idea of how they are supposed to grow their career into something big like what i did.” said Bev.

The dancing enthusiast who grew out of such a habit of striping down to nothing when she was at Londoners in Harare repented when she got arrested in 2012.

Private Lounge has given birth to these ‘nude dancers’, who start their showcase in semi-naked attires and in the early hours of the morning strip naked.

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