Brown sisters second to no one!

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With their hit track watchu want from me , on a dancehall feel produced by the award winning producer Oskid.Ammara and Chengeto Browns’ video done by music video guru Vusa Blaqs is on so appealing.

The storyline is of a guy who is trying to get  another woman whilst he has other (two women) on the other side.It is fascinating , because what exactly can a man want from three ladies , besides mentioning the beauties on the video.They say once a cheat always a cheat , but on this video the girls told it straight that once you cheat you will always got caught.

With the catchy lyrics on the song such as ” …i am a one time lover , soon you will discover….aaah mhando imwe”,all being played on a dancehall tip , requires some moves to emphasise phrasese like these.The sisters did justice to this , with moves and dances.The song really matches their video and vise vesa , it is a video concept that quite  alot of artists in Zimbabawe have got to lern from this video .

Like in the late  American R&B singer , Aaliyah”s music video , we need a resolution , Ammara had a python (but it was small) moving all around her body , she is so brave.Many people and viewers were left with an awe and were saying all sort of things.But we all know that African people in general  and Zimbabweans in particular do not like snakes , it is even worse if it is a python . It is like it is our DNA that a snake makes African people so green and curious about something not even near to good.

But on a lighter note , relating with the lyrics , the title of the song and the punchy words used in the song , makes the appearance of the snake bring out a deeper meaning .It means she is fearless and strong , hence if you cheat , you will  be caught and with the way the guy that featured as the cheat reacted when he was caught , it was as if he had a snake bite .

More so the style and fashion on the video are so on point, now the video has more than 20 000 views  on You Tube . Even Chatunga Mugabe son to the the President had an admiration as he shared it on his Facebook page and said ,”this is good #Browns”.

When the quality of productions have reached international standards like the watchu want video did , it shows that Zimbabwean film Industry is embracing the technology.

And for Ammara she is not stopping for anybody , after releasing avideo with XQ on the song Bachura and dropping another hot video with Blaqs . What a way of showing her little sister how to be the first and not be second to nobody,killing a dancehall riddim (Six fit riddim) by Oskid , who knows what is next…!


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