Brythreesixty in the Fade? the track Xs reviewed

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Ok if you between 13 to 20 and you dont know the Hommie Bry , something is wrong with you and you need two things a Radio and a TV set, i remember when this dude stayed the top of the top 10 list on my show (Y.G.T) for over a month.For a new artist with that much momentum , his new track comes as a bit of a disappointment . Lets be honest Bry was at the top of his game last year , we dont know if its the January desease but the track X’s is looking like a bad start , The poor mastering spells i need a rerecord and it brings us no pleasure to say this but.The song has a few good verses that were poorly delivered ,its a song that could have been a hit had it not been treated like a free style.
We get it , the seduction of singing about cars , girls and money is very strong when you make it , and with it is an Urge to flex on your Ex.Leave that trash to Rae Sremurd for now and give us some good lyrics we can relate to.You are good at that and stick to it.I would fire whoever gave this track an OK.

As for Bry.He still has a bright future in the industry , we wont forget his talent over one shallow song

Checkout the track here

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