Celebrity check song of the month(June)

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Its new on celebrity check and its worth  trying….. join in today and don’t be left out .

Celebrity check song of the month is the reason to keep you warm this winter and entertained,its dope and its exclusively hot……its a song you will definitely fall in love with, brewed by dignitaries and it turns out to be a masterpiece on its own,it was created  by the best of producers….the artist in this song  is the reason why we can honestly say he has got a lot of talent,its not his first one but its still fresh,he has been in the industry for quite some time now and entertaining is his business,he  made a lot of hit tracks that you will be familiar with .

theme song of the month -June or get it from celebrity check group.


Now happy people all you have to do is listen to the song and discover for your selves the goodness in it.If you do so please get in touch with us and remember to join our whatsapp group   0771824200,0777934423 (Empress Taheera)or on our facebook page celebritycheck to get the title of the song and the name of the artist.

There are also other good  reasons why you should join the Whatsapp group. Its the only group that can link you directly to fantasy as you will get the latest information,updates and getting in touch with your favorite celebrities.

This one is exclusively awesome join the group and STAND A CHANCE OF WINNING…..there are a lot of prizes and give a-ways and its for those who join in …..hurry up and be the first one to walk away with a present.

join now 077182400/0777934423

join now 077182400/0777934423


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