Tre hol up

“Countdown to Hol’Up release!!”-Tre

South African rapper Tre who recently did a song  titled Hol’Up with one of Americas fast rising rapper  Young mi and Swayzi, has showed appreciation to his fans for supporting him through his  fast rising career as he is slowly making it into the international hip hop arena.

Speaking to celebrity check magazine ,Tre highlighted that though he has been facing some challenges he is very happy with the support that he has been given by his fans through all his ups and downs.

The cover art of his single which has gone viral on social media platform because of its uniqueness and high sense of creativity, has been one of the major reasons that has kept his fans in high anticipation for his new single which will be released soon.

Hol'Up cover art

Hol’Up cover art


Unlike most rappers who ride on dissing and beefing as a marketing strategy to get attention,  Tre has proved to be different as  he has made a name for himself by making music with a message that not only entertains but also makes a positive impact  on different societies world wide.

Hol’Up is an expression used 2 describe an awkward moment that has been experienced by someone who was insulted or has said something embarrassing or stupid… the term hol’Up that is chanted in the song is suppose 2 be a trend that is new 2 come fourth into hip hop, and we bring it into an everyday life trend set,” said Tre.



Hol’Up  has been receiving a lot of publicity with the media. With it’s announced release by Tre, it has become 1 of the most talked about singles in such a short amount of time. A short video clip has been made to show how the young artists made the track  giving their fans a vivid picture of what the rappers have instore for their fans.


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