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Dark cloud over Casper Nyovest’s show..

In a shocking turn out, some South Africans and a few Zimbabweans attacked one Augustus Zaine  Vurunga a graphic designer , after he designed a message that was directed to Casper Nyovest.

 message to Casper nyovest

message to Casper Nyovest

Speaking to celebrity check, Augustus emphasized that despite being labeled the black sheep by Casper Nyovest Fans, he did it mostly for the brothers and sisters of Zimbabwe who are being made victims of the  killing and looting that is happening in South Africa.

The reason why I designed that banner was because I believe that picture/image tells a story better than words. I’m an Art fan, Graphic designer and musician. I have learnt of creative ways to communicate with different people in different situations. The reason why I’m against the Casper Nyovest show is because in the first place, he tweeted “FUCK FOREIGNERS” and deleted it minutes after. I don’t think these type of statements should come from people who command huge followings like him. I went on to address that and the only way I knew how was to use my creativity and knowledge of art. I honestly didn’t think it would go viral like this, let alone get to him (Casper Nyovest) that fast. we cant be dancing at his show when fellow Zimbabweans are dying from tyre burns and axe wounds. Mothers and their babies are dying for no reason, innocent children and law abiding foreigners are being treated like criminals”,Augustus said.

However, the singer come graphic designer also  emphasized that, he does not hate the South African artiste.

“We can’t afford to accommodate such luxury from a South African citizen at a time like this otherwise I have nothing against Casper Nyovest. I love that Doc Doc Shebeleza thing he does”, he added

one of Augustus post

one of Augustus’s post

Though most of the Zimbabweans were in support of him sharing the same sentiment that his show should be canceled ,some South Africans took to attack Augustus Vurunga highlighting that the show will happen no matter what.

  Despite this Casper Nyovest went on to highlight that he will donate all his earnings of the show to the xenophobia victims. This then created a bitter sweet environment as most of the people took to go on the same side with the South African Star.

casper's tweet

Casper’s tweet

Whether he will or will not perfom ,is still in question as most of the Zimbabwean  people do not see the point of celebrating whilst most of their families and friends that are in South Africa are in danger.




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