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Dereck Mpofu drops new single with Cynthia Mare

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Environmental activist and Afro-jazz musician, Dereck Mpofu has dropped a new single ‘Dzoka Kumba’ featuring sensational singer Cynthia Mare.

Dzoka Kumba which will be officially released on August 12 is a love song which speaks of a lovesick couple who got separated by a silly argument, despite missing each other they are too proud to work things out.

Dereck Mpofu told Celebrity Check that there are a lot of reasons why he is urging fans to listen to this song not only mentioning the sweet Alicia Keysesque voice of Cynthia Mare.

“Like in most of my songs I have outdone my songwriting talent with this classical lyrical masterpiece and adding on to the love recipe is the sweet voice of songbird Cynthia Mare,” said Dereck.

The artists are also working on a musical video for the song with snap shots taken during shooting being circulated on social media by Dereck Mpofu and the video was shot in Harare’s oldest suburb of Mbare.

Dereck has done his homework in promoting the new single and in a captivating statement he has mentioned social media sites as crucial platforms where artists are being raised.

“I am so grateful of all those who are doing the hard work of sharing and watching some of our staff on social media because that’s where artists are being raised which goes hand in hand with the old adage the it takes the whole village to raise a child,”

“To all our fans your support is much appreciated, I have received the most overwhelming response and it feels like I have just just had a sold out show,” he said.



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