Nutty O

‘Dissing In Songs Not Bad At All’- Nutty O

Nutty O is a name that is little known in ZimDancehall circles. The Mbare based chanter who was born Carrington Simbarashe Chiwadza is one of the most promising artists in reggae conscious and dancehall arena. The star was inspired by Jamaica’s Capleton whose songs he sang as a ten year old and from that time he discovered that he has got talent.

Celebrity check had an interview with the star and it went as follows:


Who is Nutty O?

Nutty O is a versatile dancehall, reggae conscious artist born on 23 June 1992 and lives in Mbare.


Why did you choose to sing reggae/dancehall?


Our version of events in the ghetto are best explained through reggae thus I explain myself through music, different from other genres dancehall and reggae can vividly tell the story of an African, looking at how Jamaicans are doing their thing.


So how do you write your songs?


Every time I sit down to write a song, I make sure that I am being realistic. Mostly I write about my life experiences hence I create heart felt melodies that flow with the rhythm.


As a reggae dancehall artist where do you get your inspiration?


I am inspired by the things that surround me, experiences in my life and the desire to be a dependable person in all aspects.


Do you take time to listen to other genres?


I am a reggae artist but mostly I listen to RnB, my favourite artist is Omarion.


How was your experience on your first show?


It was awkwardly weird……( Laughs), you know that unusual feeling you get when doing something for the first time especially staging you imagine yourself being responsible for the crowd’s reaction thus you end up not concentrating properly but I guess it all went up well.


What was your unusual experience from your fans?


At this moment I am fine…..i have not experienced anything unusual yet.


What was your worst experience on shows and how did you handle that?


Fans did not show much interest ….they showed little enthusiasm and they could not even shake to my music but I continued doing my thing until I finished my slot.


In most cases ZimDancehall shows are associated with can throwing, what is your take on the issue of can throwing?


I think fans must be enlightened on the dangers associated with can throwing; it entails how bestial Zimbabwean fans are thus it creates a negative impression about our music.


What do you have to say about artists who have to sing diss songs?


Its not bad if kept lyrical but some people are going off road with dirty lyrics and some people are even dumb enough to think diss songs will get to the top.


Among your songs which one is your favourite?


The song called Jah Jah will be there for me.


If you where not into music what will you be doing?


That’s fate it not imaginable because everything around me revolves around music.


Where do you see yourself in a few years time?


I see myself highly rated.


What are your last words and what do you have to say to those who would like to venture in the music industry in future?


Be proud of who you are, persistence, patience, and perseverance will do all the wonders, be who you are don’t be tamed by others life has everything for anyone

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