DJ Phutty

DJ Phutty releases an 8 track album

The versatile DJ Phutty, a renowned music producer and journalist with a formidable list of musical experiences and achievements has released ‘Masengawuku’,his second album.The album  which carries 8 tracks all in Zimbabwe’s rich Kalanga dialect is going to be launched.

Dingimuzi J Phuti who is affectionately known as DJ Phutty in  entertainment circles is well known in this industry after his lengthy stint as a Radio and Television presenter which might have inspired the artist to try his luck in the competitive industry.

This project is a masterpiece in which he collaborated with a colleague and fellow presenter Nqobile Malinga who is also doing his best as a poet,he featured on the songs Lebelekani Sungwaha and Matjena .

Speaking to CelebrityCheck, DJ Phutty’s manager Memory Marimazhira said  each track on the album carries a specific meaningful message that one is forced to listen to.

“When listening to the songs you can find out  they carry certain messages ,they are not just songs but they are meaningful songs and you ought to listen very attentively to each song to get the message carried there.”said Marimazhira.

The title track Masengawuku has got two versions, the first version is track number 4 where the artist is giving advice to young people on the aspect of marriage saying that in marriage one should take time to find a proper soul mate to avert regrets and the other version is instrumental which is the eighth track of the album.

Marimamazhira also said  the main reason why the artist decided to sing in Kalanga is mainly because he is trying to encourage most people to take into consideration minority languages.

“The reason why he uses Kalanga is because he is trying to encourage minority languages,they are fewer artist who use dialects such as the one DJ Phutty is using and as a reason to that he is trying to strengthen its use in this country.”said Marimazhira.

DJ Phutty has come a long way and has learnt quiet a lot about music ,he has got a wealth of musical background from holding top managerial posts at Kwakulu Music Company,Zimbabwe Music Corporation,Diamond Studios amongst others.

He came to the music spotlight  with his hit album ‘Bhasikili Unditolile’ of 2003 which was nominated by NAMA Awards under the contemporary category with the title track topping Radio Charts.

He has also contributed immensely to the music industry as a board member of Zimbabwe Music Rights Association from 2006 to 2013.

Most importantly he nurtured talents of numerous and award wining artists both late and those living today,local and beyond our borders.



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