Emily Kachote becomes Miss World Zimbabwe 2015!!

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Emily Kachote who is also a financial adviser with old mutual wowed the crowd in her amazing outfits at Shamva Mermaid pool  hence by getting the crown at the dismay of many people who thought the first and second princess out shined her.

Emily Kachote

Emily Kachote

The event was attended by many people  including the Minister of Information  Communications and technology ,Brigadier Chiwenga and the German- Zimbabwean fashion designer.

Immediately after the crowning of Emily Kachote people took to the social media, to congratulate the beauty whilst some attacked the event for its poor stage arrangement arguing that Zimbabwe can do better.

As if that wasn’t enough one CST Chizhanje posted her verdict on the newly crowned queen comparing her with Miss South Africa highlighting that Miss World Zim was a mere joke.

‘Ndiye Miss Zim world wacho?Hayas….chete maonero anosiyana.Idont have anything against her but ndiye angakwikwidze ku Miss world akahwinha?…,he posted on his wall.

Popular musician Dereck Mpofu  who is also the green ambassador ,went on to congratulate Emily and encouraged people not to be judgmental.

‘Just weighing in on the Miss Zim not being beautiful yada yada debate.
Emily is beautiful,and congratulations.l think we cannot make a judgement based on Facebook selfies.Lets wait till she gets her professional photos’, Dereck Mpofu posted on his Facebook wall.

The event saw  performances from artists like Trevor Dongo ,who serenaded the models with his most loved song Ndashamisika as well as Madhuve wangu.

Mudiwa  who has 13 awards to his name ,also gave a splendid performance with his song Ndaita mari drawing the crowds to the dancing floor.



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