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Fans calling for Winky D’s new video to dissapear

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Dancehall star, Winky D has released a video for his 2015  hit song ”Disappear” and the video seems to be not as exciting as people thought it would be and is attracting a lot of negative responses from fans.

below are some of the comments from Winky’s fans;

One Rushon Ganyo commented ”this video is a GROSS MISCARRIAGE of justice to the song. I’d rather listen to the song than watching this video trash. I suggest you delete this video from your channel and do another one. I honestly DON’T think it can be nominated in any awards. You’ve lost FANS gafa. You have OFFICIALLY failed. Seriously how can you just park a car and start shooting.

Another dissapointed fan identified as Prudence Pee said, “Im your biggest fan but haaa no man! I’m so disappointed in this video there is nothing more in it ….zvandanga ndichifunga ddnt get it video yako yechiramu its way better than this #tajamukatikudaimwevideo# hazvizikundiitira hangu those girls hapana zvavari kuita its even below international standards…. waita PANORWADZA MWOYO”

“The music remains great as ever but video looks like a big joke. Please Winky make this one disappear” ,  John Kachasu, another fan  said.

The song was one of the most played after its release in 2015 and no doubt fans expected more than what was given on the video.






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