Fashion show cause for cultural preservation

Former Miss Global Zimbabwe, Nyasha Mutsauri is set to host a fashion show tonight at the Harare Gardens aimed at celebrating ethnic cultural practices through music, art, fashion and food.

Nyasha said the event which is being run under the theme ‘Goddess Culture: A Return to Africanism’ is a fusion of both traditional mbira music and African theme inspired catwalk under the captivating African night sky.

“We have got a rich culture which we will always be proud of no matter how far time has taken us. Since its the mbira month we have decided to partner with the Zimbabwe Mbira community to make up the greatest show which we hope would inspire more shows in the future,”


Performances will be from local aspiring musicians Tsungi Musuna, GMC  mbira musicians among others and there will also be displayed visual arts by local artists whose passion is in communicating with the world through the brush and sculpturing tool.

Nyasha has urged locals to come and support this initiative which will also be another way of inspiring and motivating the youth into being responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

“Its a great hangout for youths as this would inspire great thoughts in them, seeing others doing things will provoke them to try even going an extra mile to be better than the one who started. So I urge people to come and be part of the influencing citizen for a better tomorrow,” she said.

She also said they have taken every necessary step in preparing for this event in which she is hoping there will be a great turn up with the ticket sale in progress.

Nyasha Mutsauri was crowned Miss Global Zimbabwe in 2013 though she did not travel to Jamaica where the Miss Global International was being held due to personal reasons, she could not stop but held her head high and continued on her beauty career.

This project is one of her many projects to include ‘Bridging the gape between past and present’ which was a charity program derived from her dream of becoming a supermodel.

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