‘Fathers of Today’: Open Call for Zimbabwean Photographers.

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden has made an open call to all photographers to participate in the upcoming Vana Baba Vanhasi/ Obaba Balamhla / Fathers of Today Competition, dedicated to documenting and showcasing the roles of progressive fathers in Zimbabwe today and the entries should be submitted by 7 November, 2016.

In  an open call that was made during a recently held Inspiration Workshop, at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, the Curator for education at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Tandazani Dhlakama said the project will explore the roles of fathers in Zimbabwe and how their relationships with their partner and child or children have changed in the face of a changing, and progressively more gender equal world.

“We invite you to enter our Vana Baba Vanhasi/ ObabaBalamhla/ Fathers of Today photographic Competition, dedicated to documenting and showcasing the roles of progressive fathers in Zimbabwe today and how fathers today relate to and interact with their children,” Dhlakama said.

“For the competition, artists are required to submit only two photographs, together with their artist statement caption, completed and signed entry and copyright forms and curriculum vitae to enter the competition.

A Jury will select 25 outstanding photographers from all cultures, all points of view, with no age limit.

Awards include selected works to be exhibited at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in November to December and will include prize money for the best and second-best photos, the artists will also get a free submission review,” added Dhlakama.

. Johan Bävman from the Swedish Embassy spoke on the qualities that today’s father should possess highlighting that today’s father needs to be open, have time to play with his kids and be a role model to them.

During the workshop, students were also given a platform to debate on issues contributing towards gender inequality and some of the issues raised included; the issue of early gender socialization which often leads to gender inequality as girls are taught that they have to obey, and boys that they have to be strong and to be leaders, the issue that girls often face pressure from society to get educated on how to be take care of the home and how they should treat their husbands, while on the other hand men do not really face the same amount of pressure on how to be fathers from society among many other important issues.

Most importantly the workshop highlighted that contemporary society needs to move away from patriarchal ideologies to embrace modern ways that advocate for gender equality, stressing  that  gender  equality  could  only  be  achieved  when men  and  women  worked  together  in  partnerships.Young men were urged to become role models and partake in advocating for equal opportunities for both men and women.

In his clossing statement, Dhlakama said, “we believe that every photographer who enters deserves thoughtful feedback on their work which is why we have top photo editors, educators, portfolio reviewers, curators, and other Industry professionals to give you constructive feedback on your photography plus recommendations for improving your practice”.

The Submission reviews will be sent after the Vana Baba Vanhasi/ObabaBanamuhla / Fathers of Today exhibition.




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