Friday make Up:Dos and Donts on threading your brows!

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This week was valentine” week , and the romantic day happened to be on the midweek days, probably some of the people did not have enough time to celebrate the day , do something special for partners and spouses.This weekend ahead might need a plan either a date , picnic whatever, so for all the girls celebrity check , have make up tips for you , today we are specialising on brow threading.And we are sharing the DOs and DONTs on eyebrow threading.

Most of us might wonder what exactly is brow threading , well we  got to explain all.Eyebrow threading is an ancient middle Eastern technique , that has become quite common not only in the United states but also in Zimbabwe and the rest of the world.


An aesthetician uses a doubled up stand of cotton thread to twist around individual hairs , then pulls them out from the roots.The procedure is used mainly on the eyebrows and upper lip .The average eyebrows procedure takes about 5 to 10 minutes then you will be done and ready to roll. make sure you go to a trained brow pro-ask if they were trained ,how long they have  been practising and what licences they have. not stay silent in the chair-communicate with your aesthetician .Describe the shape you would like , low , medium, high or sharp, arch, thick or thin brows.You can bring a photo , but  a good sharper should be able to determine  the most complimentary look for your facial structure. know that a little post-threading redness is normal-it is a natural reaction and it should subside on its own within a few hours .If necessary apply a cool compress to the area. not put anything on your brows  right after hair removal-well this quite good on your health as well , wait at least two hours before you apply moisturizers , cleansers or makeup directly to the threaded area to keep bacteria away from open pores. stay on top of  your touch- ups- aestheticians will recommend clients  to come back every weeks to keep their shape looking sharp  and clean, and re-threaded as soon as the hair grows just above the skin. not use a brow razor in between appointments-they cut the hair  at the surface similar to shaving.It does not remove the hair completely and it makes the hair that is left over very coarse and thick .Using a brow razor can lead to ingrown hairs and stubble and you run the risk of taking off too much hair.

And remember, eyebrow threading is much cheaper, less painful , quicker, simplier and more precise.That is it for the make Up tips of brow threading on a friday …!


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