Fungisai reacts to cyber bullying

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Controversial musician, Fungisai Zvakavapano Mashavave has responded to social media slur aimed at her after pictures of her comic poses were leaked sparking a lot of interest among fans.

Fungisai claimed her utmost heartbreak lies on the torture by people who are photo-shopping her images and circulating them in mocking stances on social media.

“If I say I have not been affected by the cyber bullying I am going through with my personal pictures being photo shopped everywhere in a degrading manner, I will be lying, I am feeling every insult,” she said.

She has gone through sleepless nights and loss of appetite bidding her suffering to the attacks by those who are against the success of Daidzai Vakuru.

“I am being attacked for the success of our single Daidzai Vakuru, competitors and enemies are vying for my blood but I will leave everything in the hands of the Lord because ini handigoe zvese,”

When she took to the Zimdancehall Awards red carpet for a celebrity photo shoot, she did not know that a simple pose would turn into something people would laugh at on facebook.

More so, pictures of her at ZiFM stereo where she had driven a producer who was having an interview there caused havoc during the weekend with people ranting against her fashion sense.

She said she is not going to succumb to this agony and let her enemies pull her off the ground for she still has to live her dream.

“I am not pulling of the road, not until my mission is over. I am probably working on my last album which I am sure will accomplish what God sent me to do on earth and as a human being I am tired of being torn apart,” she said.

Fungisai’s life is filled with obstacles all the way through her career, her controverses dates back to the ‘Nguva Yakwana’ era were she was painted black at different levels to the time when she regreted recording her first gospel track claiming that she was not meant to be a gospel person.


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