Gamers take on Overwatch

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The beginning of May marked an exploratory time for me as an inexperienced video gamer. Overwatch had their Open Beta period that allowed gamers’ to download and play the game for free, so I went ahead and joined the animated world of people, robots and celestial beings, hell bent on destroying one another.

I experienced fresh and innovative game-play in this first-person shooter genre with it’s animated design which made it fun and friendly competitive play. All in all, Overwatch proved to be a very challenging video game and I could see my dexterity and spatial intelligence improving the more I played. Blizzard Entertainment showed they had competitive gaming in mind when developing the Overwatch video game.

I noticed tech writers’ like Pippa Tshabalala , Tech Girl, Pixel Vulture and even DJ Doowap downloading the game and documenting their experiences on social media. Based on their Instagram posts, they all seemed really excited to get to play the game that allowed them to choose from 21 unique heroes all boasting different strengths, weaknesses and play styles.

TV personality Bongani Moyake plays the game for the first time

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