Ghetto Gospel(Hip-hop Movement)

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It was glitz and glam at the Mushandira Pamwe Hotel in Highfield on Saturday as the much waited for Ghetto Gospel Hip hop movement was brought to life with a huge response from the genre lovers and the artists as well.
The organizer of the show, Moses Sekete told celebrity check that this was just the beginning of a journey they established to nurture as well as giving young artists a platform to showcase their talents.
“This is just the beginning of what we are hoping to achieve, the show will be held every Saturday and we are calling artists to be part of this initiative.” said Sekete.
Among artists who took to stage was one uniquely talented Beatbox Cyber, the young man is capable of producing beats from his throat and mouth as well as singing at the same time.


Beatbox Cyber

The hip hop gospel in Zimbabwe is still lacking behind with a lot to be done to improve the quality. Many acts came in did they songs some artist forget the lyrics of the song and they were not sure of the words. Artist need to practice more be on stage so that they can entertain people better and good.

The Ghetto Gospel proved that hip-hop artist in Zimbabwe are not been given a platform to show they talent. Team Mabahwe came in and everyone was on they feet as this group from Highfield is known for they good music they just took the show to another level as many people where singing along to their songs and dancing to them. I believe Team Mabahwe can be huge than what they are right now.

Sekete said these artists are not given a chance in rehearsing studios to practise their lines and come out with perfect performances.
“From today’s show you can tell that this is not the best of a show people can gather to witness, however if they practice more often they will be great.” he said.


Yoz and BigTEE


yoz and bigtee

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