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Hazvinei Sakarombe welcomes son!!

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She is a mom! Hazvinei Sakarombe has welcomed her first born child and she has made the news known to everyone through her social media accounts.

The ‘Hoza Friday’ entertainment show television presenter, gave birth to a baby boy last night and is still to name the newly born.

DJ Chilli as she is affectionately known by most of Power FM radio listeners did much to keep the news of her pregnancy a secret and thanks to her ever jovial personality a few people knew she was expecting.

“Happy family we have been blessed by the Almighty and help me thank him for bringing this joy to us. I am thankful to God for giving me my first born child, a friend of my life,” she joyfully recited her happiness.

Though it has not been reviewd as to who the father of the child is or whether she has been secretly married, this new arrival is set to give her the zest of motherhood as well it is a boarder line in her career path.

Hazvinei expressed her utmost gratitude to all those who had stood by her during the time by which she reached her labour period.

“I would like to thank everyone who had prayed for me during this time. I am blessed with good friends around me and I pray that they would be forever blessed,” she said.




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