“I was defending myself and my wife”, Trevor Dongo

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After a video of him fighting with an unidentified man went viral on social media  popular musician, Trevor Dongo has released a public statement to clear the air.

In his statement, Trevor Dongo denies that he was involved in a public fight, that he was with his girl friend and that he has failed to be an exemplary figure.

” I never fought with anyone or engaged in any public fight but I was defending my self and my wife from the individuals who first mobbed my wife saying offensive and abusing words at her.

The woman I was with is my wife and not my girl friend, my wife and I are the victims in this matter but it’s unfortunate that the information that was sold to the public first  is to the contrary”, the musician said.

” This very unfortunate incident has left me injured and both myself and my wife extremely traumatized.

I personally regret finding myself in this unfortunate situation but it is not one that l voluntarily chose to walk into, I did not attack anyone first but I was attacked first,” he added.

Trevor said the first thing he did after the incident was to report to the authorities a fife avenue police station and the matter is now before the courts.

“After all is said and done I wish to apologize to everyone and especially to all my fans who feel that I let them down, this was a very unfortunate incident and situation we both found ourselves in together with my wife but nonetheless I am very sorry”.

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