“Im not on the run!”, Stunner

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Hip hop artiste, Desmond Chideme better known as Stunner has dismissed claims circulating on the media that he is running away from the police after he had failed to turn up for his trial on negligent driving.

In an interview with Celebrity Check, stunner said he was shocked when he saw all the posts about him being on the run as he had no idea of what was going on.

“I had to go all the way to the prosecutor’s office in Rotten row to find out what was going on and they told me that it was a mistake.

The forms were not signed to prove that i had received summons so I knew nothing about the court date, there is no warrant of arrest for me and I am not running away from anyone or anything”. stunner said.

The raper who recently got back from his Dubai tour said there was no way he would have gone for the tour and he would have not kept putting up posters about all the other tours if he knew he was wanted in court.

Stunner expressed his disappointment in journalist who publish information before gathering full information.

“What happened to investigative journalism?,people should at least ask why before putting the pen on the paper.

This is how I survive and putting up negative stories about me that are not confirmed is actually taking food out of my plate, such rumors do not only affect me but can also damage my family and my kids which look up to me”.

This comes just a few days after cheating rumors were being thrown at him which he also dismissed as untrue and fact less.


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