Pah Chihera

In the closet with Pah Chihera

She has become one of the most loved female musicians in Zimbabwe.Pah Chihera (PC) is loved by many ..inspiring thousands of female voices, that are still in the making.Celebritycheck (CC) magazine  caught up with the star and managed to talk personal………enjoy!!


CC. How is Pah Chihera doing in 2015?

PC 2015 has been a bit of a very busy year for me as i kick started with compiling my second Album which is really promising to be a huge turning point and the best thing after Runonzi Rudo.Trying to juggle between live shows, album finalization, school as well as social and love life, over-ally 2015 has been an amazing year for me so far.


CC.Which artistes or people in other spheres inspired you to take up music and why?

PC. Oliver Mtukudzi has been my greatest inspiration as I grew up listening and appreciating his music, I adore and look with respect to Selmor Mtukudzi too as her style is but amazing.


CC. Are you working on any musical projects so far?

PC. Apart from my 2nd album and dvd launch, Yes I am working on quite a number of projects with other upcoming and well-known artists, I would prefer however to keep this under the carpet still so as to surprise our fans.

Pah Chihera

Pah Chihera


CC. Do you think you are now ready to go international?

PC. Now ready? I have already explored international crowds like UK and Dubai and ready yes I am to even go deeper as far as International exposure is concerned. Well maybe I can highlight the fact that we are working on closing a Canada and Ausy appearance with one promoter so just keep listening you will be hearing soon.


CC. What plans have you put in place to make you grow as a brand?

PC. Just like in any life set up, for an individual to grow in every aspect of life they need to be close to their customers/fans. I believe a close relationship with my fans will help me grow as an artist. I have quite a number of interaction projects set up by my Management. A lot of giving to the society than receiving to. Not only am I dedicating to giving, I am also brushing shoulders with the biggies in the music industry as a learning platform and overall, putting what I’m learning in school to practice and working hard, am sure my brand will be but something exciting.


CC.In your opinion who are the most promising young musicians in Zimbabwe?

PC. I know it’s totally a different genre from mine but the Female dancehall artist are really promising. So sad we lost one promising young female artist Tasarina (may her soul rest in peace), but no doubt she had so much potential…humble young lady too.


CC. Amongst Zimbabwean male artists,who do you prefer sharing stage with and why? well besides Prince Musarurwa.

PC. Apart from the obvious Oliver Mtukudzi, Sulumani Chimbetu and Jah Prayzah, I appreciate their energy and how they deliver it’s a real motivation.


CC Have you ever had a crush on any celebrity? who was it if yes?

PC. Hahahahaha, owk will give it to you. I think Davido is a hottie though hes not anything close to my fiancée though but well given a chance to think like a teenager cause I feel that’s where crushes emanate from. I would safely say I have one on him.


CC. Are you involved with someone or in a relationship? and would you like us to know who the lucky guy is if yes?

PC. I am happily involved with someone and on the verge of making marriage arrangements. For the sake of respecting his personal life I would not go to mention his name but just know Shumba vane rudo.


CC. What is it that you look for or find attractive in a guy?

PC. Respect, honesty, am man who does what it takes to fend for his family and finally a guy who would never lift his finger to hit a woman. I would say those are great personalities for a REAL MAN.


CC. What song are you playing at the moment?

PC. I’m listening to Alexio Kawara Rudo rwangu.


CC. Which Zim artist do you think is the best of all times?

PC. Me hahahahahahaha, just pulling your leg. Hats off for Samanyanga he has done what it takes to keep his name and I aim for that.


CC. Amongst Zim fashion designers who do you prefer to dress you for special occasions?

PC. ZUWA RE is my designer and am honored to mention she’s the best in the market.


CC. Besides Music what else do you do?

PC. I am a full time music student and an entrepreneur who is working on building my own line before end of the year. I am also a choreographer in modelling.


CC.Who do you salute in jazz?

PC. Bob Nyabinde and Victor Kunonga
CC. What will people be surprised to learn about you?

PC. I eat chimunya chesadza every other morning and I take huge sums of sadza. Don’t mess with my sadza unless you want to get me pissed hahahahaah.


CC. What do you spend you free time doing?

PC. I love cooking and spending time with my family.

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