iZaine makes a good first impression

Renown graphic designer and lyricist, Augustus Vurunga popularly known as iZaine has become one of the best new wave of artists who have taken creativity to another level as shown in his debut singles collection ‘Episode 1: Different Colors’.

If there’s any growing sentiment in Zimbabwe that music has been misappropriated and separated from the culture that birthed it, iZaine’s focus on being internationally renowned is the epitome.

Speaking to Celebrity Check, iZaine said ‘Episode 1: Different Colors’ is breaking new barriers in Zimbabwean music as it is the first ever collection with acoustic, reggae and dancehall.

“What’s needed is courage and the courage will drive a force, Zim music will regain that force with this project which I am introducing for the first time ever and hopefully it will give birth to other episodes,” said iZaine.

iZaine who is riding on the positive energy and undoubtedly one of the talented young artists who have invaded the industry, has mastered his thoughts and come up with clean content that has no negative message or suggestive words.

“We have put together videos that tell the same story as the song with some of them having not been edited, they were just placed and it still makes perfect sense,”

“We have created something that any person can listen to and the response to it is overwhelming. If you could check it out people in the USA, UK and Mexico are also showing interest in it,” he said.

The aspiring star said he is now working on Episode 2 that will be released early next year, which he has started promoting.

“We have started running the promotion of iZaine the Gamechanger on various media platforms to introduce an alter ego in 2017 on the release of Episode 2,” he said.

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