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What a year 2015 has been,  a great year of the ever growing and prolific Royals Nation. It has been a year filled with love, hate, growth, unity and indeed it has been very controversial.

A Greater Start

The year started off with a banger track and an official video Ebola followed by the ever chanted Mazigreen Baba. Both songs took us to greater heights, with heavy air play as well as television interviews.


Birth of Great Talents

With these two hits there emerge two great talents,  Clyde Banks and  Nizzy Raps.  In May the label cooked up what has been deemed as the best cypher to come out of Zimbabwe.

(May Cypher) featured Mace,Endy,Nizzy,Tixin,K-Majik,Promics and Clyde Banks. Majik graduated and we thank God for that, Twan Afriqa left for University leaving space for the record label to involve other signees like 2 Kul, who later on went to release a blueprint video to the Royals because DJ Stayera had joined the bus (yeah the Lady Squander one).

Moving The Mountains

Around August 2 Kul went on to release a single featuring Clyde Banks entitled Check Check which dropped with a video on the 1st of August. This broke the interenet and made the nation go into a frenzy.

By this time Royals started receiving great attention from its artist to the producer and the stable started highlighting its true nature and character of great work and dedication. Later they produced singles like Arrival, H-town ,Bhawa Ranger (By The Taylors).

Nizzy Raps went on to release a classic mix tape TGL (The Ghetto Life) featuring singles like B.O.B, Nhai Amana ,Ivai Nesu with Winnie Rusere, PPF (Pursuit Of Primary Fame).

In that same period the Royals hosted Volt ex Book Café which was a Pre-Launch to the Clyde Banks’s mix tape and it was a success with special guest attending the prestigious event.However, the PPF mix tape was held back by the label to allow Nizzy’s TGL to be our fan base’s focus. PPF will now drop later this year.

Deals with SOD destitution company, Trex Productions, Celebrity Check, Boss Kundi, Tylor Gang where signed  as well as launching the official website. Al and YG beats got signed and Phil’s annual birthday part was a success being held at Club VOLT.

Royals worked on projects for Crispy, Freeman, Shez, Boneman, Promics, DJ Stayera, General Jay-Tee (scooping a people’s choice award at the Gospel Awards with Elevated), Check Game, Alpha among others.

Investing In Potential

Royals now has an Internet Cafe/game house  (as we can’t rely on music alone). Mace is currently in China, Winnie Rusere is currently in South Africa under the tutelage of Jeff Maluleko, Nizzy just returned from his TGL tour in Botswana.

On the 19th of December, Royals held a party which was hosted by Snow together with Royal Phil, Royal Al, KayGee40, ButterfIy as well as HushTag. The party was brought forward to prepare for a Road Show.

It was Clyde Banks and 2 Kul who held the  Roadshow with a sole purpose of promoting the ever chanted Check Check single. Check Check went on to become a smashing hit as it was  number 3 on ZBC top 50 just behind Tocky Vybes and Winky D.

Giving Thanks

Another roadshow was held on the 1st of January in honor of those who have been  supporting and who had voted for the success of our video.

A Year Filled With Fantastic Promises

2016 watch out for the Trio, 2 KUL, Nizzy Raps and Clyde Banks backed by K-Majik as well as the Royals. We have been naturing talented artists in the likes of Taku Swiss, Tass, States 04, Riley Lanez and Femcees.

Nizzy featuring T Gonz-‘Time Yangu’ is dropping soon. Tixin has jus released One Drop which will trend through the year,2 KUL is releasing a single with an anonymous feature Zvabvanepi with a video as well.

Clyde Banks is working on a single ‘Things Change’ and two videos will drop soon from the label Arrival and Zvirikufaya.


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