Magikal, Calaz ‘diss king’ battle goes viral

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The Seh Calaz-Magikal battle for supremacy takes a new twist as the young artists’ fans takes to social media so as to find who among the two rivals is making the best diss tracks as well as claiming most following.

Magikal is believed to be one chanter who has given Seh Calaz a tough time since their beef has been reviewed with heart wrenching diss songs that are considered to be better than his rival’s.

“Word is Magikal’s diss songs are considered better than Calaz’s, taking into consideration his vocals, lyrics, sense and delivery,” commented one anonymous producer.

The Zimdancehall heavy weight match saw the Highfield chanter walking off with the ‘king of diss’ crown, nailing down Calaz whose fans were left with no other option but to admit Magikal is better in the game.

On the other hand, Seh Calaz is known for his controversial dissing chants with others directed at his then rival Soul Jah Love as well as Winky D.

Calaz had a heated beef with Soul Jah Love that divided the two artists for so long until late last year when they called off their hatred with shows across the country together.

“For artists in the dancehall arena dissing seems to be a virtue of good performance yet it is ruing local talent. All these chanters think is they will get popular when they tear into fellow musicians who are deemed better than them, as what Calaz did to Winky D,” commented one genre fan.







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