Mbo Mahocs- Hottie of the week!!!!!

Mbo Mahocs is a fashion and lifestyle name that has made waves in Zimbabwe. The aspiring fashion follower who was born Mbonisi Mahonondo is doing much to place Bulawayo on the scenes.

The sensational TV personality who has curved her career through a rough patch is now enjoying a blossoming success story as an actress and brand ambassador for Shadow by Sidumiso.

the sensational fashionista Mbo Mahocs

the sensational fashionista Mbo Mahocs

At one point she joined a wagon of cross boarders who were fleeing the 2008 economic meltdown, she relived her nightmares in South Africa with so much passion.

“I would sometimes sleep on an empty stomach and work on dead end jobs. I was even abused at certain levels, the one I would never forget is when I was a waitress and the white boss racially abused me,” (we qouted these words from a file interview).

All that has happened to her has made her stronger and more determined to live her dream.

For her love of fashion Mbo has been oftenly mistaken for a designer which she jockingly dismisses whenever anyone asks if she is one.

Mbo first made her public appearence in 2013 when she hosted the red carpert show at Fashion Week Zimbabwe which inspired the cover of Jewel Magazine after her sterling perfomance.

This year she co-hosted the Zimbabwe Music Awards with another fashion fanatic and designer Gilmore Tee.

Mbo taking selfies with fellow designer Gilmore Tee

Mbo taking selfies with fellow designer Gilmore Tee




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