Mudiwa cries foul as Stunner pulls crowds

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Gospel sensation Mudiwa Hood has taken a new twist on his beef with rival hip-hop guru Stunner pin pointing that he stole his song.

After the songs’ release fans roped in to vote for their favorite song between ‘Vandikonewa’ by Stunner and ‘Vegodo Vandikonewa’ by Mudiwa and the end result proves that Stunner is a crowd puller as he received many votes across mainstream and social media.

Mudiwa who has nothing else left to do,resort to claiming via twitter that Stunner steals his song…the whole of it including the beat and the chorus.




However,such claims were brushed off by both Stunner and their producer Craig Bone saying that they had made an open agreement to work on one song with the same rhythm and Mudiwa was not being  professional concerning the issue.

Apparently the idea had been to release the song twice – both with the similar titles, same producer, same beat, same everything. The difference just being the artists’ voices.


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