Mujokoro drained of her energy- loses whole DVD recording

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Legendary gospel musician, Carol Mujokoro has lost the whole recording of her live DVD which was supposed to be released this August after those who recorded it recklessly mislay the files without any traceable backup.

Mujokoro made a touching announcement to her fans on social media, apologizing for the unfulfilled promise of releasing the DVD to them.

“As promised, today we come back to you with the news of the LIVE DVD recorded on 5 February 2016. We have sad news for you, there is no DVD coming soon. The guys who recorded us lost everything, and yes you are right they had no single backup,” said Mujokoro.

She got the horrific shock of her life earlier this week and it was painful to take it down after all that she has put in on the recording, left with nothing else to do she only has her fans to apologize.

“We would like to thank you for your support, and sincerely apologize for keeping you waiting and expectant,” she said.



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