Nox’s nudes exposed

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Rumor has it that popular urban grooves star, Nox has been caught up again in the nude pic storm after his explicit pictures were looked on facebook.

It is believed that the storm raised after his wife and girlfriend brewed a heated argument on facebook which later made the latter expose the musician’s pictures out of rage.

An online source said it all started with a picture that was posted by Mai Gamu who is believd to be the Nox’s wife, she had captioned the picture as the one and only which provoked the girlfriend to utter that he belonged to them both.

A scuffle then ensued resulting in the bitter girlfriend leaking Nox’s nude pics on facebook in which she was trying to get back to Mai Gamu.

It is however, not clear as to whether this rumor is true or not since all parties involved could not be reached for their side of the story.

*sources online

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