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‘Number of ZIMA Nominations Amazed Me’- Janet Manyowa

She has conquered the spotlight since the release of her debut track ‘Amazing God’ in January (2014),  which she collaborated with United States-based gospel musician Comfort Manyame.The talented songbird, Janet Manyowa strongly believes she has been called to minister the Gospel through her songs which celebrates the presence of God, His greatness and an urge to trust and worship Him.
Celebrity Check (CBC) caught up with the star for an interview and this is what she has to say.
CBC: Janet, you have an incredible storyline as a Gospel artist but what has struck us is pure determination that’s shone through your messages and a fast rise to success. In such circumstances you have become a household name and published reports state that your music is topping gospel charts. Tell us how did you manage to hold fame in this industry where some are failing or even falling off?
Janet Manyowa: I believe that once you decide to do something, you need to put out all the stops for a breakthrough. Once the time and chance for venturing into music fell into place, we were determined to push the music by all means we could think or imagine. My major pillar of strength is my husband and manager who has got a drive which is even bigger than mine! I thank God for him. He will not stop at anything to build my musical career and spread the Good news. I believe most people do not have enough energy after recording to promote their products, which then short changes otherwise brilliant projects.
CBC: Did you have a backup plan if your career in music didn’t take off?
Janet Manyowa: LOL yes! I’m an accountant by profession and I am employed on a full time basis. I only ventured into music because I believe there is a call on my life to do so. Whether the music had taken off or not, I would still be cracking the numbers – at least for now!
CBC: You have released an astounding album ‘King of Glory’ (with songs that have never been a miss), What’s your secret? How do you keep it fresh?
Janet Manyowa: Thank you for your kind words! I try to remain true to myself, If a song doesn’t “minister” to me, chances are it wouldn’t speak to someone else. So once a song holds true to me, I can sing it with meaning and conviction. For me music is based on the message more than anything else.
CBC: And lastly 7 nominations at the ZIMAs and NAMAs as well as those at the Permican. How did you manage to pull out all those? What’s the secret towards your success?
Janet Manyowa: Eish I wish i had a huge secret to share but I think those nominations are just a fruit of God’s faithfulness, grace, hard work and  determination. I was totally amazed by the number of ZIMA nominations as well as NAMA and Permican. Though we do not chase after earthly allocades, we are thankful for the recognition of the role we are playing in society. God is being glorified.
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