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Que Montana Resurfaces, Retain Fame

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Only after years of living in the shadows of prominent artists, writing smashing hit  songs that topped charts on both radio and television for them did he realised that he also deserved to feature on the limelight.

Though he started out playing behind artists among them Roy and Royce and Plaxedes Wenyika, Que Montana breaks ground for a new begining that was to change his life and career for good, he got involved in many music projects which inspired him to push his own brand.

“After realising I had made some musicians popular through writing songs for them, I became confident enough to stand up and make a name for myself in the industry,” recalled Que Montana.

Breakthrough came in 2005, with the release of ‘Neo Vector’ an album which carried two great hits ‘Sei’ and ‘Huya Titaure’ a popular chant that reach number one on the charts and three more albums in every two years time followed.

Passion, hard work and determination drove the then young vibrant artist to take his career to greater heights, he got signed by a South African record lable and relocated in 2011 for a five year journey that brought with it lived dreams as well as a new zest for the love of mother nation Zimbabwe.

“I was in South Africa only to learn, I had to get a full scope on how they were doing it in the industry, to learn on things that I were not able to back home such that I had to bring change to the local industry,”

“Yes I did learn and I made a success story of my stay there, I made a single with Brazil’s Bruno Migliari a greater step to the international scene and then another ‘Untamed’ album came about this one was quite unique in the sense that it comprises of other African languages such as isiZulu.” said Que Montana.

Though Que Montana born, Brighton Kufa was floating on cloud nine after the success of ‘Untamed’ his heart sored for home. “The album was deviating me, it was kind of pulling me from the roots so after the deal I decided to move back even though they had offered me to stay.”

After a whole lot of learning, Que felt he is now learned enough to graduate and with a strong foundation laid down in South Africa he is ready to pass down the knowledge with him taking the lead in innovating the industry.

“I took some time after I came back to meet with old friends mingle around and familiarize myself to the things that I have missed and even those that came about in my absence.”

“I am ready now for my first performance which I promise would live up to billing, It is going to make history, I swear It’s going to be remembered elsewhere in the world as one of the best shows Zimbabwe has ever made.”

Que Montana is scheduled to host a show at the New Ambassador Hotel in the capital where he will be performing alongside International musicians only to be connected through the internet.

The show which will be an introductory to the Music World Cup is going to break new ground, make new rules to give face to the local scene and it will be wonderfully home brewed with only but the finnest ingredients.

“What I brought is going to shake the whole industry, I can only trust myself on this one, It’s going to bring the emotion of loving local content and artists are to be challenged I tell you we can  live on music the same way Shakira, Beyonce and Jay Zee are doing right now, It pays to be an artist as much as it does to soccer stars like Benjani Mwaruwaru and the likes.”

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