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Quonfused,Seh Calaz beef goes viral!!

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Following the release of the new  Ptk and Levels joint production titled the Weras riddim ,the lyrical confrontation between the two dance hall giants Seh Calaz and Quonfused has proved to be  unstoppable.

Speaking to Celebrity check magazine ,Quonfused denied the allegations that his song was a mere diss to Seh Calaz emphasizing that he sings to entertain and not to diss anyone.



“Ndinongoimba zvinhu zvevanhu zvekuty yakaimbirwa Calaz inini handizvizive all i know is that iye Seh calaz ndiye aimbo replya ma songs angu”, Quonfused said.

In the riddim Quonfused intimidates any man from taking his girlfriend on his track titled ‘Kopo‘ whereas Seh calaz replies the song on his track Muudzei.

Quonfused also denied the allegations that, the main beef between them is fueled by a girl, highlighting that the major reason they fight is personal and it cannot be disclosed to the  media.

“The reason why we fight is too personal and i cannot disclose it to the media”, the king of style said.

The beef between the two is believed to have been sparked in 2013 when confused attacked Seh calaz for dissing Winky D in his track ‘Dzokera’ and ‘Hapachina eke‘ in which Seh calaz replied by taking Quonfused’s girlfriend which resulted in a fight that occurred at Soul jah love and Bounty Lisa’s  engagement party where Seh Calaz got punched in the face.

In his recent song, Seh Calaz takes to attack Quonfused in one of his verses  for losing the Best dressed artist award to Ricky Fire and Winky D.

Fashion havagone kupfeka ndinovakurira,mababy avo ndichivatorera, Seh calaz boasts  in his song as he mocks Quonfused.

Seh calaz

Seh calaz

Though  Zijudgement yard on Zifm organized an on air meeting with the two in order to settle their disputes, it seems as if the beef is getting more and more fresher each and every day as both artists do not want to be labeled the black sheep in this feud.

However ,though Seh Calaz could not be reached for comment at the time of going to print ,various messages of the two  giant’s beef have been circulating on various social platforms.

Quonfused showed no fear on the matter highlighting that  if the shoe size fits Seh calaz then let it be.

apana zvandingataure but anyumwa bere nderake,” said Quonfused.

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