Pathisani "masugar" Sibanda and Kudzai violet Gwara "Kvg".

Radio so good , you can watch it

Gone are the days when there used to be lack of access to information , lack of diverse content, lack of gender equity and poor communication .Radio not only in Zimbabwe but the region and universe is good as being watched  than read .It is the powerful mass media , reaching the widest audience in the wold.Today we celebrate  World Radio Day.

World Radio Day is an annual event held on the 13th of February to celebrate the power , influence and uniqueness of radio in touching lives in all continents.The world Radio day commemorations are aimed at promoting freedom of expression , gender equality on the airwaves  and recognizing the importance of radio in the global community .The celebrations are also aimed at transforming  and changing  opinions as well as saving lives in the event of natural disasters.

This year the African Union of Broadcasters has selected the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation to host the 2017 regional World Radio Day commemorations for thge Southern Africa Region which covers the SADC region ,which consists of 15 countries.

Therefore this year’s theme is “Radio isYou”,of which it is pushing and supporting the audience’s participation in every part of the radio content , which can be transforming , entertaining , educating and informing everyone.

Inline with the Digitilisation age we are living , radio in Zimmbabwe is utilising the technology , to an extent that it is reaching to the mass particularly in the outskirts areas , both physically through outside broadcasting and technically.

Moreso, coming closer to home , the commemorations are being held at Takashinga Cricket Club grounds in Highfield , Harare.”Fiyo” as Highfield is affectionately known, it is the second oldest African Township in Harare established in the 1930s as a segregated township for Africans  in the then Rhodesia ,hence it is also considered the birthplace of African nationalism in Zimbabwe.

Takashinga literally meaning “we are bold” is the name of the Cricket Club formed in the 1990s by black players who fought for equal opportunities  in a sport previously seen as a preserve of the elite.The same is compared with Radio in the colonisation era ,radio was only for the elites , not for the majority ,but now after three decades now,”radio is you’.

A number of activities are underway for the event including enetertainers in music ,” …have lined up a number of activities with several local musicians expected to perform”, said Mr Chekayi one the event managers from Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.All radio stations such as Radio Zimbabwe, national FM,Star FM,Zi FM,Power FM,Sports FM,Capitalk radio to mention a few  are available.Not to forget  favourite radio personalities who get to meet and greet with their listeners,  fans and followers.

The world radio day was first celebrated in 2012 and was later adopted as an international Day by the United Nations General Assembly.And the previous themes on the previous years that the was commemorated were, radio for gender equality, radio for youth participation and radio in humanitarian  and disorder situations.



























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