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Ras Caleb speaks out on his relationship status!

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You may not have seen him but definitely you have heard him….Caleb Tareka better known by most of his fans as Ras Caleb is one of the most loved reggae artistes in Zimbabwe.With songs such as “Tokwe Mukosi ” a song that not only marked his road to stardom but it is also a song that has become a national anthem.  Proving that you dont only reach stardom by dissing or dirty lyrics, the Masvingo born star has managed to make a name for himself with songs such as Mutoro which carry social messages that are beneficial to the life that we live in today.

Celebritycheck magazine got the opportunity to have a mini conversation with the reggae icon..!!

Who is Ras Caleb?

Well ,my real name is Caleb Tereka , i was born  in Masvingo and i grew up there. I used to sing in church in the  Salvation Army where i was a Junior soldier and my passion for music . I started getting interested in dance hall and reggae music and my passion for music continued to grow  day by day. When i was studying in South Africa i met Jah Crucial he is the one who mentored me until i became this person that i am today.

Why did you choose reggae?

Reggae music ndiyo inowanzonzi conscious nevanhu. I specialize in reggae music and most of my songs are reggae . I Chose reggae because i wanted to be unique. Most of the artistes these days are just following the crowd. So i chose reggae because its one of the genres i understand very much.

How do you write your songs?

Sometimes i dont write sometimes i write.. I like to read a lot .So i usually  focus on what is around me , what i am thinking about and also what people are talking about.For example the song Mutoro  is one of the songs i didn’t write it was a song that just came in my head whilst i was in the studio. Boko  haram yakangotanga semafunnies so u will find that masongs angu mazhinji haana maoriginal copies .I usually write dance hall songs mostly  otherwise mamwe ese aya anongouya mumusoro ndiri mustudio.Its a matter of taking my time on a riddim then everything else zvinozongouya zvega.

As a  reggae artiste do you listen to other genres?

I appreciate all different types of genres. I grew up listening to Andy Brown and The Storm and i think his music fuses well with dance hall and that is the reason why i got to appreciate Chiwoniso’s music. These are some of the people i listen to even up to now. I also listen to Hiphop and i salute  Tricky j  especially his song Tambisa Hako ,Trey Yung,MMT , McCurt.

Tell us about your relationship status .

Hahahahaha!!….i am single at the same time i am in  a relationship.I’m not married hahahaha thats all i can say.

There is a stereotype that most male artistes are promiscuous , what can you say about that?

hahaha maybe i should first have many female fans so that i can answer you. When we go out to perform we get different and sometimes weird reactions from  the fans  and you know very well that haukwanise kudzinga mafans . So it only depends with who you are. So to answer your question … i can safely say some are.. some are not.

Whats your most unusual experience from your run ins with fans?

Recently in Masvingo there was this girl akasvika pakuchemera Ras Caleb akabva  apinda mumota achirova rova ceiling then i had to leave neimwe exit then vanhu vandandinavo they managed kuti vamuburitse mumota. Those are some of the situations that we come across on a daily basis i try to avoid those situations but its very hard.

What do you have to say about the disagreements between Soul jah love and Seh Calaz?

Its one of those things that the media has fueled. I think when we adopted the dance hall genre and we have also adopted certain cultures that are not only affecting our society but that are also tarnishing our image as artistes.As for me all i can say is i am nowhere near their disagreements. But Soul Jah Love not only did i stay with him when i moved to Harare but also he is the one who brought me to mbare and introduced me to various deejays  hapana pandichaty Jah love this this because he has helped me a lot in my times of trouble.I met  Seh Calaz in  the industry and me an his manager we are on good terms. I listen to their music because some of the songs they sing i can relate to that. So i think the media should make sure that they dont fuel the disagreements that they have. For me the purpose of reggae music is to unite people , so we as the followers or media we should make sure there is unity among artistes.

In Zimbabwe which female artistes do you listen to?

um mm  Nadine Brown … Nina Grande.. Darula as well as Sweetness i appreciate their music a lot. I think they have a future.

What are the projects that you are currently working on?

Last week we released a mix tape called ME AGAINST MYSELF volume 1 in other words its Ras Caleb against Rascal Dread …its  meant to familiarize people with my music because most people dont know more of my songs they only know Tokwe Mukosi and Mwana wenyu so it covers most of my tracks from last year to present. Then around June we are going to drop an album that we are currently working on.

Any  last words to all your fans?

i appreciate their support and i encourage them to keep supporting the music that we make. Most of all they should listen to the words .. i didn’t just sing  Boko haram or Tokwe Mukosi for the fun of it so people should know that there is mostly a message behind every song that i sing.


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