Ray Mupats to release new video!!

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South African based Zimbabwean artist who made headlines after topping the chats on various radio stations in Africa  with his song Gold digger, popularly known as Ray Mupats, is set to release a  new video for his hit single.

Speaking to celebrity check , Ray Mupats emphasized that, the video is set to be released anytime soon.

“The gold digger video is going to be unbelievable i tell you  and  am very sure  that it is going to be loved by all my fans worldwide.”

” Currently the video is still being mastered and we are taking our time making sure that we come up with a quality video, that will surely meet up to the expectations of my fans,” Ray Mupats said.

Ray Mupats and Deck Burner

Ray Mupats and Deck Burner

His music is all around the world ,playing on various radio stations in countries like Jamaica,Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, Zambia as well as Lesotho and looking at the fact that he can do any genre there is no doubt that Ray Mupats is simply destined for greatness.

Ray and some of the south african rappers

Ray and some of the South African rappers

Ray Mupats, is a musician based in South Africa. He was Born in Zimbabwe to a Zambian father and Portuguese Mother, He moved to south Africa where he is currently based and signed to HMI Records.

Ray Mupats Has released singles of his own featuring various Artists from across Africa,His Debut single titled Everything I do  which was released in 2014 earned him the title*Hook master* , He featured Yinks(from Ghana) Morris Blacks and Tre.

Having set the Trend, Ray Mupats released his second Single , Gold-digger which surpassed everyone’s expectations.The video of the song is sponsored by Soviet Clothing whilst it is featured by big artists in the game such as  DJ Deck burner and kimz Beatz who has worked with Davido and  Cabo-Snoop.

The video for Gold digger, was being directed by  HMI  records member,Daniel Hadebe who is also an actor appearing on the Umlilo series that shows on Etv every Monday.

Daniele Hadebe

Daniele Hadebe


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