RnB star honours Mapfumo-(Ndoita manyemwe remix goes viral!!)

Talented RnB artist, singer /songwriter  Elliot Nyakauru porpulary known as Elli-ot by his fans,yesterday released a tribute song to the music icon Leonard Mapfumo.

Speaking to celebrity check magazine Elli-ot emphasized that he did the song in tribute to Mapfumo who has always been there to support and help him in his career .

“Leonard Mapfumo has always helped me since i started my career. I remember when i was down he would encourage me to hold on and his advice always worked. Doing his song is also honoring him for what he has done for the Zimbabwe music industry but for me personally”, said Elli-ot



“I did a remix of the song because its a deep meaningful song. Leonard carefully chose his diction in his rap style and i couldn’t stop thinking of and RnB version.It was however not my idea in the first place but my producer and manager Russo who gave me the green light to express myself and my own diction for the concept ” Ndoita Manyemwe”, said the RnB star.

Elli who made headlines with his unique voice and songwriting skills after releasing  a string of singles Nerudo, Watora Moyo wangu, Handiwone,Make you my baby just to mention a few, emphasized that he was hesitant at first to do the remix of the song after hearing the strong vocals that were done by Varaidzo on the original track.

“I  was a little scared when asked to do the remix. Varadzo is one of the best Female vocalists which Zimbabwe has ever had and she did a great job on the original version” said the Titangidze rudo hit maker.



In the song he sings:
“just a Lil bit more……..
Ndofara nezvaunondiita so…….
Paye ndiri tsaga….
Hauna kumbozvitsvaga……
Wakandinzwisisa ukati babie zvichanaka…….

Saka mumba handichabuda ne tie yakabhenda…….
Plus ka hug neka mwaaaah pandoenda……
Shuwa ndapa kutenda……..
Uri chipo kwandiri saka

Besides singing, Elliot is also a guitarist and songwriter.Trying to avoid the usual obvious lyrics,he tries to make his songwriting more creative and unique.With songs like Nerudo, Svoto featuring Sniper and eke featuring Nesto, he tries his best to display his songwriting  skills mixing them with a little  bit of jokes caricature.

Well with so much vocal talent that Elli-ot has shown in his recent songs, there is no doubt that he will surely light the spark that is missing in the rnb arena.

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