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Romain Virgo for BOFOZ 2016

Jamaican ‘lovers rock’ reggae musician, Romain Virgo will be performing at this year’s edition of Black Opal Face of Zimbabwe grand finale to be held in September.

Romain has confirmed his perfomance in a video that went viral on social media citing that he is overjoyed taking part in the beauty pageant show.

“Tell everyone Zimbabwe that, I Romain Virgo will be perfoming at BOFOZ show in September courtesy of Chipaz Promtion,” said Romain Virgo.

The crooner is set to give people the best moment of their lives with his soothing, touchy vocals and lyrics as he will take them through his greatest hits to include Soul Provider, Stay With Me, Taking You Home and Who Feels It Knows It among others.

Organizers of the show, Yolana Investments who are distributors of Black Opal cosmetics in Zimbabwe said they are far ahead of their preparations with the models’ search and voting criteria closing on June 16.

Yolana Investments Marketing personnel, Tanaka Ngorora said Romain Virgo’s acceptance to perform at the event is yet another big step amid their preparations for the grand finale.

“We would like to extend our gratitude towards Chipaz Promotions for their support, it would have not been easy for us to communicate with this internationally acclaimed artist and to reach an understanding,”

“It’s such an honor having Romain for this year’s event, for BOFOZ this year is a different year and it will be a memorable one,” said Tanaka Ngorora.

Romain Virgo’s perfomance at the BOFOZ is part of the strengthening of Jamaica and Zimbabwe’s ties as this relationship continue to move torwads it peak with many artists from the Carribean Islands’ state falling in love with the supportive fans in the country.



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