Royals response to rumor

We are aware of our fans of articles spreading a rumor saying Royals is crumpling. Well, let’s get to it. Royals been working just not around the areas expect. Our path requires us to be innovative and to think outside the box hence to shed light to others. The name itself Royalty explains. As of late we have been on a journey of establishing Royals not just as a brand that sells cds and t-shirts with printed logos in front. Rather we have taken refuge in a path of different stature.

As of now Royal Records now has an internet café/ gaming house that independently owned by the royals shareholders mainly Nizzy Raps, 2 Kul, Clyde Banks, K-Majik of which whom make-up Madzimambo. This was a move made to aid us financially and for us to grow in business as well. We have all seen that picture of a guy caring a baby at his back doing house chores because he wasted his youth years trying to be a rapper which is not bad but rather we will be smart about it.

As of now Royals has another branch/studio in Botswana Gaborone that is to be officially launched late this yearand that is the reasons why Nizzy has been taking so many trips out of the country. That was his assignment lately. DJ Phil is now the resident Producer already scouting talent to sign from that country. We believe as Royals we can grow to international recognition with our roots deeply embedded in the southern region of Africa.

2 Kul and K-Majik have been running the Royal Records studio in Nizzy Raps and Clyde Banks absents releasing a rich song. Clyde Banks six-month break was a Mutual agreement with the Royal shareholder such that he would run point on these projects.
Nonetheless I made this official public announcement not to answer the street rumors but instead to highlight to our ever growing fan base what your young gifted celebs have been up to and about the music, it will just show itself now that 2 Kul’s video ‘Zvabvanepi’ is about to drop with video. Nizzy Raps is coming back to Zimbabwe since all the groundwork for the Gaborone based studio has been laid down and once he gets here be sure of the fact that ‘Nhai Amana’ Remix will drop so as ‘Nguva Yangu’. Clyde Bank’s six month leave is coming to a halt.

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