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Seh Calaz latest statement a response to someone?

Zimdancehall artist, Seh Calaz is riding on a new chant-line which is making waves among a circle of his fans. The statement “Itai Zvamanga Muchingoita” (Do What You Have Already Been Doing) seems to be a response that is targeting another artist.

The controversial chanter came up with that statement a few months after one aspiring artist had released “Ndoziva Zvipi“, a song which is more of an indirect message to Calaz, according to inside sources and many people who shared with us their opinions.

In this song the chanter, iZaine relives his trauma where he had to be toyed with in the arms of these successful artists in which he had to sing “You told me not to do this but it’s the same thing that you are doing, what is it that you need me to do”.

In some form of reply Seh Calaz developed “Itai Zvamagara Muchiita, Zvamaisaita Siyanai Nazvo” a statement that is more of another way to say ‘back off’ to the young artist who might have looked upto him as his role model.

iZaine also sang against honoring the successful ones mentioning that it has always been a thing he had learnt from his childhood days, which saw Calaz getting down to paper to do a Sir Wickenell praise song, something that iZaine denounced in the same song (Ndoziva zvipi).

The song ‘Ndoziva Zvipi’ which is available on digital music marketing site Soundcloud and recorded on the Number 1 riddim reviews Seh Calaz as one of those successful artists who are riding on the backs of young and aspiring artists covering them under their shadows and subsequently misleading them.

We once interviewed iZaine on his move to quit Zimdancehall and one of the reasons that he mentioned was that big artists were copying his style taking advantage of the media and their many fans. A typical example was Bounty Lisa who copied iZaine’s intro chant and made it a song titled Queen Queen.

He said it was derived from his “Ting Ting Ting” intro chant that he uses on most of his songs.









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