Soul Afrika

Soul Afrika…on the limelight!!

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Whenever they sing the ladies scream,the guys nod some even cry when their emotions come in contact with the deep lyrics that will only drag the heart into the very situation of the songs that they sing.Indeed most of you will agree with me that mixing Takura Benard Shonhai and Tatenda Aldrian Mathe is indeed a recipe for explosives…..

Soul Afrika is their name ,one of the rising talented boy bands in Zimbabwe, with hit songs such as Newe ,Pauri and Zvinhu.Celebritycheck got the opportunity to have a mini chat with them.

Who is Soul Afrika?

Soul Afrika is a boy band with two  guys Tatenda and Takura.We sing afro pop and afro rnb basically we are not afraid to try new things ,though we major in rnb .We stay in Highlands right here in Harare.

Take me through your musical journey from when you started to present?

We started Soul afrika wen i was still in Gweru with a friend of mine called Don and we did one song and it was amazing but unfortunately Don got married and he decided to take a break and focus on his family …. i then moved to Harare..So  the guy who was managing me is managing Cynthia Mare and so i met Tatenda through Cythia Mare and thats when we decided to continue.We then released Zvinhu and it was amazing then we released Pauri featuring Tererai Mugwadi on valentines day then on the 6th of March we relased our first single off the album Ndimi dzerudo which we are currently working on and we hope to release it by the end of August.

What projects are you currently working on?

We juss dropped a single called Newe and  right now we are working torwads the video for that song. Then we are going to drop a single probbably one or two singles  before the album.

Has there ever been a song that made you cry?

nooooo lol.

As a boy band do you argue?

Yes we do but for seconds and watever we argue about is always for the better.

How do you handle mistakes during perfomances?

Ummm i believe that watever happens on stage…if  we are doing our song we are allowed to do watever we want to do with it and if we do make amistake we dont think about it ..once you make amistake youy turn that mistake into something else you dont let that thing bring you down.

How do you feel when fans comapare the two of you?

We all have different strengths and thats what makes us ,so we are always happy for each other because we are wat makes Soul Afrika.

If you were to date any local Zim artiste who would it be?

TAKURA:…..Ummmm Non.

TATENDA:….Varaidzo Nyakunika

Since you have now become a public figure is it hard to choose on whta to wear?

Not really….. we both love fashion since before soo yeah.

Who inspires you?

Takura: growing up i was inspired by Usher and lately its been Drake because i relate soo much to his life and music as well as how he made it.

Tatenda: chris brown

What are some of the challenges you have faced since the start of your career?

Mostly i can say…. the moment of trying to shoot a video…its always a struggle putting everythng together.

Any international celebrity crush?

Tatenda: Selena Gomez

Takura  :D’ja(nigerian artist who  just recently got singed with Mavins records.

Whats your perceptionon the medias coverage of artistes in zimbabwe?

Personally i think the media is wat puts the artists out there…because wen you are an upcoming artiste you dont have enough money to distribute cds to each and every place…. so media does that.

Any last words to all your fans out there?

We just want to thank the fans for their support and they should expect a killer album this august, its gonna be full of afropop and rnB  and it is also dedicated to the loved ones.


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