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‘Special Forces’ Zimbabwean series shot in Abuja

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The Nigerian segment of the movie series ‘Special Forces’ has been debuted in Zimbabwe after its pilot has been sent to local producers for them to check on its contents.

Co-producer of the much anticipated movie, Ganizani Phiri said the shooting is progressing well in both countries and they are placing their hopes high on the release dates of the whole package.

“We are in high spirits about this production and showing their corporation, the Nigerian producers have sent in the pilot of the series which they shot on Sunday. It’s a remarkable step and we both look forward to the noise the series will make when it’s released,” said Phiri.

He said even though the series is being shot in different locations and the actors never had been given time to bond with each other, the movie is still promising with both actors showing their commitment.

Phiri also disclosed the names of Nigerian actors who are featuring in the  series and among them are Paul Adams, George Washington, Maurice Eye who did the sound, Godwin Mordi, Douglas Enogieru and the producer Osaretin Ogbemudia among others.


scene from the movie Special forces- Nigeria

scene from the movie Special forces- Nigeria

The producers of the series are promising people something that is unique from what they were just used to and this has to be viewed in terms of quality and sound projection.

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