The rise and fall of the DANGERZONE Empire(HKD)-Maggikal speaks out!!

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HKD artiste better known as Maggikal has dismissed the rumors that has gone viral not only on Whatsapp, but also on various social network sites for the past days, which claimed that the HKD stable was in pieces.

Speaking to Celebritycheck magazine ,Magikal emphasized that it was just a small thing that the media fueled otherwise the HKD camp is still intact and strong.



“I believe they are some people who are behind it and i personally dont have a problem with anyone.It is just a misunderstanding that the media fueled into a big thing but otherwise we as the HKD camp we are alright and we are family,” he said.

It is believed that hell broke loose when the newcomer to the danger zone family Jerry B, named himself Danger zone President leading to many people inside the camp whom Maggikal refused to name, having conflicts as many argued that it was disrespectful to the HKD boss Freeman whom most people respect in the camp on the grounds that he started danger zone.



“Some of the artistes in the camp just started asking why he named himself President and thats when people started exchanging missile words.But as for Freeman this is something that has  never bothered him and i think Freeman deserves the HKD boss title because he is humble and with all due respect he is the person who started danger zone,”

” So i am dismissing all those rumors me ,Jerry B,Princo Spice and Freeman we are on good terms”, said Maggikal.

However, the message which went viral on whatsapp tagged  Freeman as a bully  and also someone who disrupts the growth of other artistes in the camp.The message also emphasized that  Freeman should stop downsizing fellow artistes and let other artistes bloom and it labeled the HKD boss as a jealousy person.

Though celebrity check reached Freeman to get a comment from him he only directed all the questions to Magikal whom he said was the one who was in a position to answer.Efforts to contact Jerry B before the time to publish where fruitless as his mobile went unreachable.

Meanwhile another message which insured the fans that everything was alright at the camp also went viral claiming that all the information that had leaked out was wrong and dismissing the rumor that Freeman was not a bully but a person who was humble and generous.

It also emphasized that  it  was the work of the devil and HKD was still as strong as steel.

HKD is one of the most respected camps in Zimbabwe with many popular artiste including the most loved Lady Squanda, Da Rula, Princo Spice, Viviun, Eddylino, Maggikal ,Crystal just to mention a few.

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