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Tracey-Anne joins other contestants at the Mrs Universe camp

Zimbabwe’s representative at the Mrs Universe 2016 pageant, Tracey-Anne Buckely Aggett has joined other contestants in China ahead of the final competition scheduled for September 4 in Guangzhou.

In an awesome message sent to her fans, Tracey-Anne said she is excited about this life changing journey in which she is so grateful to all those who had supported her during its course.

“I am now at the Miss Universe world final competition in China, meeting amazing women from all over the world and being hosted by the most warm and welcoming nation,”

“I am sending lots of love to my beloved country Zimbabwe and to all those who are supporting me. The road has been exciting and wonderful experience and it’s all because you were there to pull me through,” said Trace-Anne.

Tracey-Anne said she is preparing herself for her grand presentation which is on the 2nd of September in which she has chosen to present on the world’s topical issue Domestic Violence.

“In three days time I will be presenting my presentation on Domestic Violence, I have chosen this topic specifically for the love of children whom I think are greatly affected,” she said.

The beauty is being escorted by her husband, Simon Aggett with whom she is so pleased in for all the support and love he has been giving her during the time of her reign as Mrs Universe Zimbabwe.

“I am very grateful to my amazing, supportive Husband Simon Aggett, who has been there for me right from the beginning! I married a man who loves unconditionally, who supports my dreams, who encourages me and helps me along my way!” she said.

The Mrs Universe will this year see 70 beautiful, gorgeous ladies from across the word not only competing for the crown but sharing ideas that will help shape and change the world as well as offering advice on the worsening situations of this day.


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