Oliver Mtukudzi

Tuku back from the dead?

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Veteran musician , Tuku’s death rumors have been the trending topic on social media, whoever started the rumor surely got the attention they needed, for a moment we actually thought it was true, fans were panicking, some were alredy siniging his “Panorwadza moyo”, and then he showed up , alive!

Speaking to H-Metro through his manager Sam Mataure, Mtukudzi confirmed that he is alive and kicking. “The rumor is not true, it’s not new to us, people have said that several times. He is very fine and very much alive. We are not moved by such rumors and we are preparing for the festive season gigs,” said Mataure.

Olive Mtukudzi

Olive Mtukudzi

Well it has been confirmed, Mtukudzi is alive!

source: H. Metro

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