Tunga, The first young man who fought for women’s right to choose

In a society where women are viewed as objects, valueless and far less important than their male counterparts, with no right to choose, forced to get married against their will, a young man rises to fight for those women.

Tunga is a Zimbabwean film which was written by an award winning producer,Willard  Magombedze, porpularly known as Slimaz who is also the director.

The film is about a brave young man who was set to fight for women’s right to choose even if it meant being crucified by other greedy men who were enjoying their dominance and power over women.

In an interview with celebrity check, the film director, highlighted that the society portrayed in the film did not allow women to marry husbands of their choice, instead they were taken by men without their consent in a traditional  process they called “musenga bere”.

“I have always wanted to tell stories that have never been told in Zimbabwe, which is why I came up with the concept.

It is also a way of telling people that in those primitive times where women could not be allowed to stand for themselves, there were other black men who wanted to free women from such traditional bondage but had no support” Slimaz  said.

The character ”Tunga” is being played by Takura Kachambwa who was the air time guy in  a local movie,’The Purse’ which was also penned down by Magombedze.

Speaking on why they chose Takura to play  Tunga, the director said, “the guy is so natural in everything he does, you can hardly tell that he is acting, he is the best at whatever he does and that is the character we need as Tunga.


Tunga was at some point chased from the village but he did not give up on what he believed in, he faced some harsh tribals who were violent and were against his idea but he fought till the end.

Slimaz revealed that they have made a lot of progress in the production of the film although it was not easy considering the prevailing economic hardships.

” Our greatest challenge is on funding, because of our bad economic situation, companies do not have money to sponsor us so we are funding it from our own pockets and this makes us compromise and leave out some staff “, he added.

Magombedze said if they find proper funding they will release the film by December but if nothing comes up,the film will be out in January.


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