Unrest at the HKD camp -(HKD artist VS HKD President)

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HKD artist Viviun popularly known as the Dance hall police, yesterday released a diss track attacking Jerry B and the Sunshine family for challenging the HKD boss( Freeman) whom he said should be given respect for starting the HKD family.

In the song titled Masascum on the Rihanna riddim produced by Dollargettaz, Viviun goes on to chant about how danger zone came to be.



He sings: Eyo Freeman wamtudem some boy call himself HKD president..patakatanga kuti HKD vaitova vana aitova magarade 3 zvino voti tutya tutya kuda kumisa HKD.Endai munorima kumusha mukanya .

Speaking to Celebrity check, Viviun highlighted that he is only urging everyone at the stable to respect the foundation King and to stop pulling down the HKD empire.

“These young kids should respect the foundation king because the HKD stable will always live and it will not be destroyed easily like that”, Viviun said.

The song is indeed a direct diss as Viviun clearly shouts out Jerry B’s signature style ‘yoyoyo as he sings urging Jerry B to try farming.

It is believed that hell broke loose when the newcomer to the danger zone family Jerry B real name Gerald Masanga, named himself Danger zone President leading to many people inside the HKD camp, having conflicts as many argued that it was disrespectful to the HKD boss Freeman whom most people respect in the camp on the grounds that he started  the danger zone family.

Jerry B

Jerry B

The song is telling another story to the statements that where given by Maggikal earlier this year, as he dismissed all the rumors that claimed unrest among the hkd family members when a whatsapp message started circulating attacking Freeman(HKD boss) as a bully who disrupts the growth of other artistes in the camp.

However, Jerry B who walked away with the most promising artiste award at the Zim dance hall awards  that were held earlier this year, refused to comment highlighting that he will be able to comment next week when he is free.

HKD is one of the most respected camps in Zimbabwe with many popular artiste including Lady Squanda, Da Rula, Princo Spice, Viviun, Eddylino, Maggikal ,Crystal just to mention a few.



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