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Upcoming Dancehall Artist Pleads With Fans

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ZimDancehall has become a favorite spot for many artists especially upcoming artists, the likes of Michael Makula affectionately known as the Bling General. He has shown dedication and passion for this genre and the young chanter has got a point to prove.

Celebrity check (CBC) caught up with the talented musician Bling General (BG) and we had an interesting interview.
CBC: Bling General how are you doing?
BG: I am good and you
CBC: I am very well and glad to be having an interview with you…so lets jump straight into it….Who is Bling General?
BG: Bling General is a ZimDancehall star, real name: Michael Makula. Born and bred in Dzivarasekwa a high density suburb within the heart of the capital….best known as the dangerzone by dancehall fans.
CBC: How did you obtain your stage name?
BG: During my school days I was always smart, school shoe yaigara ichipolishwa polishwa ikangoita dust (I always polish my school shoe whenever it becomes dusty), due to that other students started calling me Bling, and the General I got it from free style battles I used to have with other students because I was always the best, thus how I obtained the name Bling General.
CBC: Is Bling General involved with someone?
BG: Yes I am happily in a relationship; I am not yet married though (laughs) ndiri gentlemen handivanzi.
CBC: So have you dedicated a song specifically for her?
BG: Ndide ndakadaro and ziva zvaunoda.
CBC: Listening to your new songs it seems you have a new signature Iwe Ndikunzwe Futi and Skiri IrI Kutapukira can you explain the concept of these signatures?
BG: Both signatures are meant to be my slogans for 2015, their meanings are complex, Iwe Ndikunzwe Futi is meant to do away with negative perceptions people who do not follow my music have over me, it has become anonymous where I live and skiri iri kutapukira is referring to the way fans are receiving my music, I am growing from strength to strength in the industry hence the tile.
CBC: How do you write your songs?
BG: Whenever I hear a beat I instantly compose a song, that is how I do my things, I meditate a song and at times I compose lyrics and riddims from point blank drawing my inspiration from life, recently I dreamt of a song i wrote it down and am going to record it as soon as possible, and I am 100% sure that it was from God although its not gospel.
CBC: How do you view the issue of can throwing on live performances?
BG: It’s a crazy thing, what people do not know is they will end up making costly damages for their favourite artists.



CBC: What do you think is the reason behind that and what do you have to say to all the fans out there about this issue?
BG: The issue here is fans who attend dancehall shows have their artists whom they expect to entertain them all night long so when you happen to be on stage and you are not that well known they start throwing cans at you and at times its not that the artist is not good but they just don’t like them. What I think is fans should give everyone a chance to showcase their talents.
CBC: How do you balance your personal life with your life as a public figure?
BG: By maintaining a clean image as a role model I value and respect myself and others too. I hang around well with others and I am always ready take advice from others.
CBC: What’s your strength.
BG: I am a very humble guy.
CBC: It has been a pleasure having you for a chat thank you so much for your time.
BG: The pleasure is mine

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