Valentine yakanyanya with Takura!

So on this valentines day  Celebrity check,decided to chill with the most happening MC in Zim hip hop music industry , he is non other than “Mr okay okay”,popularly known with his stage name TAKURA.

Born Takura Bernard Shonhai , he grew up in both Masvingo and Bulawayo which is actually his home.He is one of the male child in a well groomed family that headed by a single mother.He attended a lot of schools but two of them are Thomas Rudmond Primary School and Mutendi High school.The guy went to South Africa at the age of 14 as he always sang , and stayed in the neighbouring country for eight solid years. After his comeback the journey to his music career started.

Takura Bernard Shonhai, is a vocalist/rapper/keyboardist and a songwriter, so it is clear that the artist writes his own music.As he said , when interviewed by celebrity check that,” thing that people do not know about me is that i am an indoor person, i like to research more about music, learning more and always about upgrading my skills of writting”.More so Takura is not a sports fanatic or a supporter either , he is just about his own music.

In hip hop in particular , either  international or regional ,or we can bring it closer to home in South Africa.The ongoing so called beef of AKA and Casper Nyovest mostly they shine each other on social media concerning the issue of clothing,maybe that is the way these guys up their swag .But on the contrary, Takura said he is actually not a designer clothing kind of an artist ,”…i am not designer fanatic , besides my profession ,as Takura i do not like the designer clothes , that is why i said in Mhofu makanyanya “…no designer clothes ndinopfeka zvemubhero”.

Furthermore , on a funny note the rapper said he is an artist , that is why he was once in Soul Afrika and then now he is in the rapping and trap genre and it is that easy,” I am an artist not a rapper, so it is that easy to rap,trap,sing on any kind of beat”.

Concerning Mr Okay”s going solo issue, as he was popularly known before as part of the duo/boy band Soul Afrika he had this to say,”growing up , i was more a rapper  than a singer , but when i formed Soul Afrika , i decided  to stick to that , but you know  how it is  when you have  always wanted  to do something , you just want to do it “.

Moving on , on being appreciated  as an artist and rapper, Takura was nominated twice on two categories  Best single and Best music video and the rapper scooped the awards  on the 2016 edition of Zimbabwe Youth Achievers Awards.On the 2016 ZimHipHop Awards, he took Best newcomer and Best male awards respectively . On international grounds , the rapper was voted in the top 3 of MTVBase #Base Hottest MC, along with artists such as TiGonzi and Guluva7, just to mention a few.

On a lighter note , the award winning rapper said that his favourite food is beans ,” i like beans , i can prefer it with any dish..”.He also said that for the Zimhiphop genre in the music industry to grow and be accredited internationally,artists need to come together and make music,”…the genre can really grow firstly on local grounds to international , only if the rappers and artists get together and make music than to create these so called beefs,they do create controversy but they do not build the industry”.And it is a good idea there.

With his (EP) called stripped,that has singles  such as Zino Irema which amassed 10 000 views  on YouTube ,MaObama,  Mungandidii, Kutaura newe,Negative energy dropped last year in 2016  these tracks are still hot.Without  forgetting a feature with Roki and XQ on a single titled Kilos. Takura is not stopping as he said that he is currently working on collaborations with artists from the region , which are yet to be reviewed.

On this valentines day ,many would wonder if this guy is married and is he having good time with you know who, he had this to say,”…well i am not married but taken , by someone…”.

However , he dropped a new track Mhofu mekenyenye, trending on this valentines day  as #valentine yekenyenye, were there was a contest  of win a date with Takura , were contestants took a video of them singing the track .The contestant that had more views , luckily is on a date with Takura , which he will review on social media who the lucky lady is.











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