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ZiJudgement Yard ceases Mad Sunday at their ‘grooming house’ Red Fox

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Few ever achieve tangible success with the ZimDancehall genre and yet there are a number of performers who reached the top of the mountain with the help of others and at certain places, and then went on to become even bigger stars once they were no longer tethered to their original places.

Putting aside the general unfairness of it all – especially for all of those struggling musicians out there – most of these artists featured a certain “something” that allowed them to break away from their original partners and create something even better. ZiJudgement Yard’s announcement of their departure from Red Fox and ceasing their Mad Sunday is a cause for concern to many but to them its a huge step from their comfort zone into facing the real challenge on the edges of their success.

The Judgement Yard family has announced with so much emotion their breaking off from their grooming house Red Fox without citing the real reason of their departure only referring to it  as the hardest moment in their career path.

“To all those who have been with us during this journey, those who we call family and friends it is with a heavy weeping heart and sobbing mind that l hereby announce the cessation of Judgement Yard Mad Sundays at Red Fox,” announced the family’s spokesperson.

The soundman crew have also stated that it has taken a long time for them finalize this decision, for this place has seen them grow up to where they are now and leaving just hurts them and the people who have given them such an opportunity.

“We thank the Living God & Elder Robert Zhuwao for giving us this opportunity and privilege to share good times in music at this place. Our move is made difficult by the mere thought of leaving a place that saw us grow uptown, and an owner who treated us like his own blood, Elder Robert Zhuwao,” they said.

The Judgement Yard family have been a movement that brought so much entertainment to dancehall lovers in the country with their series of exquisite sounds which they have mixed in different volumes that have been adopted elsewhere.

Among the soundsman featured on their volumes’ mixtapes with the latest being volume 25,  are Etherton B, Templeman the Godfather, DJ Smiley and DJ Fleva.



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