King Fangz

Zim Hip Hop Artist “King Fangz” to release a track called Kahumwari (Watsamweiko Fangz)

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King Pinn Records Harare Zimbabwe, a budding local record label is announcing the release of Kahumwari (Watsamweiko Fangz), a track by King Fangz, Irie Ian and P.R.O on – 10 June 2016. This track follows to be King Fangz’ debut single.

As much as people will jump to assume that the track is blasphemous, you can be assured that the offering only talking about a deity kind of force that is responsible for the rapid rise of Fangz from being an underrated rapper to being a lyrical force to reckon with. The song talks about the journey of a rapper being an independent artist who grew up on the hardcore side of life, fending for himself until he develops a “Caesar” kind of mentality where he is all about taking over and creating a “New Rome”. King Fangz talks about being power hungry and believing that he belongs to the elite group of rappers. He talks about recognizing the change in the level of the playing ground to suite his own quest of becoming the best player in the Hip Hop fraternity.

Irie Ian and P.R.O acknowledge the rise of King Fangz, as they are eyewitnesses to the struggle Fangz faced whilst rising in the music industry. The duo cast the unbelievable development to a godly force and encourages King Fangz to remain on that upward rise to stardom.

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